Privacy Notice

Bluelink Packaging Website Security Policy
Bluelink has a responsibility to protect from disclosure to unauthorized parties the personally identifiable information (name, address, credit card, etc.) of its website users. Therefore, Bluelink has adopted and implemented a website security policy to protect account information of its website users.
Notice and Disclosures
Bluelink will not sell, trade, nor disclose the personally identifiable information of its website users to any unauthorized third parties.
Data Quality and Access
Bluelink takes all steps possible to ensure that the data on the website is accurate. If something is found to be inaccurate Bluelink will make every effort to correct said information as quickly as possible. If it is found to be an inaccuracy with the entire system Bluelink will work swiftly to correct the problem so that your web experience is as trouble-free as possible. The information contained on the Bluelink website is subject to change without prior advance notice. While using the Bluelink website certain information such as your IP Address and time spent on pages may be collected. This non-personal information is collected in order to monitor any unauthorized use or access to the Bluelink site. Anyone caught attempting to harm, steal information from, or otherwise damage the Bluelink website will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Data Security
Bluelink takes security very seriously and has therefore taken every precaution to secure our customers information. In order to secure the users information, Bluelink has implemented several security measures to prevent loss, theft, or misuse of any customer data. Shopping online with Bluelink involves the transferring of personal information; Bluelink requires that a secure connection first be established using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. During a secure SSL session, data passed back and forth between the user’s computer and Bluelink’s servers is secured through the use of public key cryptography. The user’s computer exchanges key information with Bluelink’s computers to create a private conversation that only the user’s computer and Bluelink’s systems may understand. To benefit from this security and to use many of the features on the Bluelink site you will need to download a 128-bit enabled browser from Microsoft, Netscape, or another software company. When a user sends e-mail messages to Bluelink, the return address may be used to respond to the inquiry. The content and address contained in the message can be permanently recorded so that it can be referenced in future communications between the customer and Bluelink. Email is not a secure means of transmitting information.